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Animals 2013

  • 1. Animals
  • 2. Chicken

Cultfever 2011

  • 1. Knewyouwell
  • 2. Spill
  • 3. Strangenecks
  • 4. Devil In The Drum
  • 5. Duress
  • 6. Rouge
  • 7. Farm
  • 8. Boys, Girls
  • 9. Collector



"Animals" 2013


"Knewyouwell" 2012





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"Five best local Brooklyn Indie Rock bands" -

"The two have seemingly turned the idea of kinetic synth work and energetic layering into a science, and the pair's self-titled album is one of the best independent releases of 2011"
- The Daily Vault

"To experience the next wave of Brooklyn music full blast and to grasp its weird complexities, one can't do much better than Cultfever's first single, 'Knewyouwell'"
- The NY Deli Magazine

"Sounds Like: If Karen O and Trent Reznor continued to collaborate but in a slightly pop direction."
- Alan Cross, Journal of Musical Things/Secret History of Rock

" hell of a debut."
- Bowlegs Music Review

"The truth: Devin, Friends, Cultfever, Body Language, and now Gabriel and the Hounds – Brooklyn is Rockville again."
- Paul Lester, The Guardian

"As rousing to the soul as it is moving to the feet, knewyouwell is composite of some of the best musical influences that we can drum up"
- Killing Moon Limited

"Brooklyn’s Cultfever mix the synthetic and ethereal for a debut that’s as sublime as it is dynamic. "
- Lorraine Ali, Newsweek, Contributing Editor

"The depth of the music on this album is impressive – with meticulously constructed recordings and consistently exceptional songwriting, Cultfever have confidently developed a unique sound, and they execute it with perfection on their debut. "
- BuzzChips

"Unique and addicting, reminding me of everyone from Yacht to Young Galaxy to Cults but still maintaining a style all their own."
- The Indie Kollection

"A remarkably strong debut […] It’s sensitive yet aggressive, with driving and danceable synths."
- MP3 Medication

"[Cultfever] has the sheen of the now, but the grit of the 80's, yet all without sounding like it's intentionally retro."

"'Cultfever' features 9 stellar tracks with an anomalous blend of Joseph Durniak’s mellifluous synths and the celestial voice of Tamara Jafar, and not a single song on the album is skip-worthy."
- Enthuzed Magazine

‎"Bringing a very full and fresh sound to the table, the Brooklyn based duo have definitely won me over."
- The Burning Ear

"...a delirious high for the listener."